Thursday, October 05, 2006

Foley's PredatorGate: According to The Hill: GOPer leaked it all, NOT a Dem & WTF is the Scientology connection?

This entire Foley PredatorGate is becoming theatre of the macabre. I truly do not know if I should laugh, cry, or vomit, but at least this news gives me some satisfaction: It is time to shutdown the Wingnut smokescreen that the Dems sat on Foley's e-mails until just before the election. According to The Hill, a Repuke Congressional staffer (who had a conscience) blew the cover on this whole affair. Well, it looks like ABC's Brian Ross was telling the truth about this coming from them, not us b/c we were deliberately kept in the dark by Repukes as they tried to cover this up to protect their sorry asses. But then this utter bombshell that the WashPost has for today comes along and shatters any good I was feeling: "We will make you successful," Foley promised, "as long as you don't mind me grabbing your [deleted] once in a while." 1st of all... who TF is this "we" that Foley speaks of? And WTF is this? A Republican version of the casting couch? Wow, I guess the Discovery Channel really was onto a secret Wash D.C. pedophile ring before the documentary was "banned", huh? And now, here is more insanity: 1) Keith Olbermann is back from being a guest on Letterman, and his 10 min synopsis on all things Foley is great. 2) Holy crap! Not even Tom Cruise likes Foley-- who knew Foley was even tied to these freaks?-- but when the Scientologists scrub all evidence of you at their site, you know you're toxic lunchmeat. 3) As rumors swirl about Hastert resigning since Denny has scheduled a press conference for today, Hastert told wingnut Paul Weyrich (who smugly announced that all gay people are simply obsessed w/sex... ahem... talk about the pot calling the kettle black!) that Hastert would resign IF it were for the good of the GOP... but not b/c it is THE right thing to do or b/c it would actually show folks that you admit you were wrong for turning a willingly blind eye to a pedophile... of course not. That might require Hastert to develop a soul. 4) Kirk Fordham, chief of staff for Congressman Tom Reynolds, was fired. Who does he blame? The Dems of course. But he does toss Hastert under the bus, as does a 3rd congressman who claimed that Hastert knew full well what was up w/Foley, but then miraculously by day's end, Rep Alexander suddenly changed his mind and his quote. 5) Joe Scarborough hints that Foley was creepily stalking pages at their page dorms, and had to be taken away by Capitol Hill police!
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