Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Never lose sight of the real issue: Clinton got a blowjob

In light of the complete disconnect the Religious Frighters have in regards to acknowledging the blatant crimes, misdeeds, and cover-ups of their beloved Repukes and Bush, in light of the fact that 60 bodies have been dumped in the last 24 hrs in Baghdad and the brother of the Iraqi vice president has been assassinated, in light of James Baker-- longtime Bush crime family sycophant and loyalist-- is telling all who will listen that we have got to change our policy in Iraq b/c the bloodletting is turning into a raging hemmorhage, in light of the fact that N Korea just tested a nuclear weapon on Bush's watch and we can't do jack about it b/c we have a pres who refuses to even speak to N Korea and who is too busy blaming Iran for having nukes and is too bogged down w/ the bloodletting in Iraq, and who gets blamed?-- yep... you guessed it: Clinton, in light of the fact that poll numbers at CNN, & the NYTs/ CBS show that Bush and the GOP are tanking, yet I'm still more sure than ever that Diebold will hand another election to them... especially after reading this, in light of all of this, I give you "Clinton Got a Blow Job." Hat tip to Karena for posting it first and giving me a much needed laugh. And always remember, no matter what these GOP ghouls do, let us never never forget that Clinton got a blow job.
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