Monday, October 09, 2006

Hey GOP: What about this news? 100s of bodies found in Tigris & 100s of Iraqi police poisoned at base & 30 US troops dead since Oct 1st

Funny, but I don't recall hearing about any news of this kind outta Condi Rice's forked tongued mouth when she was in Iraq last wk, do you?: "In the nearby town of Swaira (20 miles S.E. of Baghdad), police have collected 339 bodies of men, women and children from the filters of the Tigris River that are supposed to prevent lily pads, known as "Nile flower," from traveling down-river and clogging canals vital to farmers for irrigating Iraq's south." Surely, the evangelicals, who name aborion as their number one cause celebre, care about the deaths of the young, right?: "Most of the corpses are young people who have been shot and then hacked to pieces. "Every day, we find bodies in the river," an official at the Swaira police force's crime dept told ABC News." Oh that's right. Repukes and Religious Frighters only claim to care about fetuses in utero. Once folks are born, they could care less WTF happens to 'em. And if the dead are young Muslims or Middle Easterners, they really could care less. So much for professing a heartfelt "love of life in Jesus' name", huh? Well, surely they care about this: 30 US troops have been killed since Oct 1st. Naw. As long as it isn't their kids, they could care less. Okay. THIS news has to force them to take notice since the BushCo claim is that as the Iraqi forces stand up, we'll stand down: "100s of Iraqi policemen fell ill from poisoning Sunday after having their evening meal at a base located in the town of Numaniyah, in southern Iraq. Iraqi officials said: 100s of soldiers were poisoned after taking food and water w/the meal that breaks the sunrise-to-sunset Ramadan fast. Some of the policemen began bleeding from the ears and nose after the meal, some collapsed as soon as they stood up from the meal, and others fell "one after the other" as they headed out to the yard in the base to line up in formation. Between 600-700 policemen were affected to varying degrees, and 11 who had the heaviest amount of the food had died. Iraqi ambulances and helicopters sent by the US military rushed the policemen to hospitals in Numaniyah and the nearby city of Kut." Hmm... so our helicopters had to fly these poisoned police to hospitals. Think Rummy will discuss that w/reporters? Of course not. All we get to hear is what a roaring success Iraq is, despite reality and despite the fact that Bush & Condi are telling the Iraqi govt that the GOP grand plan really is cut and run. And let's just gloss over the harsh reality that if we hadn't have launched this unnecessary war of Bush's own making, we could actually do something about N Korea's successful nuclear testing, huh? Oh that's right. We ignore nations that actually conduct nuclear tests. Instead, we just focus on Iran -who doesn't actually possess any nuclear weapons- & is yrs away from being able to conduct any tests.
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