Friday, October 12, 2007

Fall, baseball, and for God's sake, at least someone can be declared an actual winner

See all of that green still left on the tree? THAT is not supposed to be there nearly 2 weeks into the month of October. But, when temperatures have been 85 degrees, I guess Mother Nature can't paint our foliage with her beautiful wand as she normally would. Yesterday, thank the stars, autumn seemed to finally blow into Ohio. It is currently 52 degrees, and BabyGirl and I have finally been able to bust out our new fall sweaters that we've been dying to wear since September. I know I should be ranting about this, this, this, this, this, this completely shameful wingnut attack, or this sickening and horrifying reality, but this weekend will be devoted to making chili, apple-oatmeal crisp, and watching baseball. Granted, eating and baseball are not of earthshattering importance, but right now I'd like to just sit back and watch something that is based upon actual rules. Where fair play is not only expected, it is required. Where there will be a victor... but guess what? Nobody will be killed or maimed, no nation will be laid to waste, and no shame is involved in the win. And guess what else? There will actually be a clear cut winner and competent plan for victory. If you're interested, check out my chili and apple-oatmeal crisp recipes in the comments. So, on that note, I bid you adieu until sometime next week, and hopefully more leaves will be changed into gorgeous orange, yellow and red by then. And I'm more than certain that I'll be a wee bit chubbier when ya hear from me next because I'm a pretty damn cook and my stockpot will be overflowing with hot chili and we have a big basket of Granny Smith apples purchased at the Amish market that are just waiting to be turned into a deee-lish dessert.

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