Thursday, September 20, 2007

Bush calls Petraeus- Betray Us/ MoveOn ad "disgusting." Really? Don't make me laugh

So, Bush calls the Petraeus- Betray Us ad by MoveOn.Org "disgusting" and adds that it not only is an attack on Petraeus, but also somehow attacks our military. THIS from the party that gave us Rove, Coulter, Swift Boat Liars, & character assassination 101? Surely they jest. Maybe I have a very different concept of disgusting and what an actual attack on the military is, but THAT ad ain't it. Sounds more like trying to squelch free speech... ya know... one of the rights our soldiers are supposedly dying in Iraq to protect. So, what exactly IS disgusting? Well, if ya ask Facebook, photos of a mommy breastfeeding her baby.. ya know, doing with her boobies what Mother Nature fully intended us women folk to do with 'em since humankind began... instead of allowing them to be an object of exploitation for spank material... somehow equals disgusting. If ya ask the bloodthirsty GOP, disgusting must not only be the Move On ad, (which they deemed soooo damned important that they spent HOURS debating the ad on our hallowed Senate floor) but disgusting is also apparently allowing our troops to spend as much time at home with their loved ones as they do in that meatgrinding blood for oil clusterfuck that the chickenhawks can't applaud enough AND restoring Habeas Corpus to our beloved Constitution. As I said, I'm no expert on disgusting, but I have a real strong sneaking suspicion it probably is this, or this, or this, or this, or this, or this, or this, or this, or this, and it sure as hell is this and this and this. But a piddly little ad that questions a guy (who has been hailed as completely non-partisan, when in fact, the General's very function was to politically pimp Bush's disasterous war position) who tries to tell us how freakin' great the surge has been when the very next week, NO American diplomats are allowed to travel in Baghdad outside the Green Zone b/c it has been deemed so dangerous? I don't fucking think so. No matter how many times Cheney sickeningly invokes Petraeus' name at a GOP fundraiser to whore out this apparently oh-so tender and thin-skinned soldier, whom, we the people, are supposed to somehow actually believe, is not a puppet with BushCo's hand up his ass.
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