Monday, August 20, 2007

R & R... be back after Labor Day

There is soooo much I could post about in terms of the latest soul-less GOP actions and evil escapades, but alas, I will be gone for a bit. See, the next 2 weeks are going to be crazy getting things in order for the start of BabyGirl's school on Sept 4th. And you have no idea how much it pains me to even write that sentence. MY baby will be starting school... OMG... I swear it was just yesterday that my gorgeous girl was born. So, in addition to getting things in order, I plan on spending oodles of time pretty much just having fun with my kiddos and Hubby. Let's face it: They will only be this small once, and as Sheryl Crow so wisely reminds us, "there ain't nothing like regret to remind us we're alive." I'll see ya sometime after Labor Day. God knows the Repukes will have committed plenty of sins that I will have to post about and I will have to purge my soul of the torment that I anticipate feeling when I have to... let... my... precious... girl... go... to... school. Sob! Thank the stars I have my Lil Man to tightly hold onto to get me thru this scary school thing. My God... I think need a valium and a serious plan to homeschool 'em. In the meantime, here are some pix of my beautiful babies.
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