Friday, July 20, 2007

Who's responsible for Bush’s own failures in Iraq? Hillary & war dissenters, of course

Do ya think it was Rove or was it The Big Dick who came up with this latest GOP mantra?: Just keep lowering expectations and assigning blame. Seriously. Besides blaming everybody else except the very folks who created this clusterfuck in the first place, isn't it strange that the very party that harps about personal responsibilities and being held accountable absolutely refuses to take responsibility and be held accountable for their actions? Isn't it bizarre that the very same people who incessantly threatened to get rid of the filibuster outright if the Dems ever "dared" to use it, now suddenly can't just get enough of it when it suits them and their warmongering agenda? Does anyone else find it beyond ironic that the very same people (who refuse to serve themselves or send their own kids there) are the same who preach that we are winning this war, that our troops are dying and getting maimed in Iraq to somehow protect "our freedoms"... yet all the while, want to chuck aside and stifle the very freedoms the troops are supposedly shedding their blood for? Who knew that Uncle Sam had the right and/or wanted all of us to blindly follow a governing leader without asking a single question or uttering a peep of dissent... even if you are an American citizen and/or a Senator who sits on a committe that has oversight of the Def Dept and its budget? Wow.... if that's the case, I guess that the pack of unpatriotic guys who lead that whole "Revolutionary War" thing must've been r-e-a-l-l-y hated and punished for their treasonous and traitorous actions, huh? Feh, don't worry. Today's current party of "less govt" and "life" have a glorious plan in place for "traitors" in a time of war. Sure, it sounds ALOT like this guy's plans not so long ago... but hey... who has time for facts and reality and original ideas when there are people to be smeared, stifled, and scapegoated and oh-so successful surges to be cheered on... til at least November?
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