Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Gay panic: Hey Mary, beating that man to death won't make you straight

Attention you sick and twisted nelly bitches, take this advice from a fag hag from way back because this is R-E-A-L simple: If you can't handle being a fag, don't go out and beat to death the guy who doesn't have a problem with being gay. And by the way you gay panic Neanderthal geniuses, when you gang beat a man to death with your bare hands because you say he had AIDS and came on to you, you do realize that you exposed yourself to his blood, don't you? Oh well, when you're the belle of the ball on Cell Block C, exposure to your murder victim's blood will hopefully be the least of your worries. And don't think for a second that the irony will be lost to the fact that you murdered a man who had gay sex and now-- if convicted-- you'll get to spend your prison term engaging in gay sex... for mere daily survival.
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