Sunday, May 27, 2007

Memorial Day... and Bush & the GOP insist upon absolutely no end in sight for the war

I could try to wax poetically about Memorial Day, but frankly, after this week's wimp out on the war by the Dems, I simply don't have it within me to do so. Instead, I will allow my oh-so wise Lil Man to do the speaking for me: Given that this war never should have even been started in the first place, could we please... pretty please with a cherry on top... give peace a chance? Because let's face it, what other option do we have at this point? Victory? Don't make me laugh. Watch this PBS documentary, "No End in Sight," which exposes what it calls "a chain of critical errors, denial, and incompetence that has galvanized a violent quagmire." Yep... a Bush-made clusterfuck that never ends... that sounds about right. Happy Memorial Day to all of our veterans. Because if we can't end this Godforsaken war, we can at least honor those who have served this nation.
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