Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Uber-macho Giuliani warns that America can only be safe in butch GOP hands... then adjusts pantyhose and powders his nose

Ya know what Rudy? You might be correct in your claim that America can avoid being attacked ONLY if a Republican... and presumably a Republican like yourself... is in the White House. Of course this assertion would require the American voters to ignore the stone cold hard fact that America was attacked by terrorists ONLY when a Republican was in the White House AND the fact that the very city you were mayor of was attacked not once but twice by terrorists while under your watch... but, sure... let's roll with Rudy's logic, shall we? America might be safer in the hands of a GOPer... especially a fabulously flamboyant & resplendent Repuke like you... Of course that would be b/c terrorists would take one horrified gander at your hideously foul ass in drag and run away screaming and clawing at their sizzling eyes and soon to be imploding heads... but sure... we'd be oh-so safe. Who knows... maybe the terrorists would leave us alone b/c they'd be afraid of Rudy's smooch-happy paramour Trump. Or maybe they'd be afraid that Rudy and his can-canning girlfriends would kick their asses with their high heels. Or maybe... just maybe, Rudy... a vainglorious handjob like yourself and your mythomaniac claim are just this: 100% crapola... and some folks like this guy... and these political guys... and a New Yorker w/ the hard cold facts like Keith Olbermann... are outing you from your ceaseless fear mongering closet.

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