Thursday, March 22, 2007

Late March 18th... Coming in at 8 lbs 4 oz, 22 inches in length... IT'S a BOY!

Yes. 8 lbs 4 oz and 22 inches in length. Imagine how freaking big Lil Man would have been if I had remained pregnant for 4 more weeks! So....... After spending all of St. Patty's Day hooked up to IV drips that were supposed to send me into active labor and saying prayers that a C-section was NOT gonna happen, my OB/GYN was forced to take more aggressive actions (much stronger drugs, breaking my water & a cervical catheter to force dilation) on Sunday, the 18th. The result? All talk of a C-section was put aside b/c it did finally kick me into active labor late Sunday and after an hour of pushing, the baby was nearly out... nearly out. But then something very unexpected happened. In the middle of pushing, the room started spinning and I developed tunnel vision. NOT GOOD. I grabbed onto my labor and delivery nurse and told her that the room was spinning and that everything was starting to go black. The way this nurse started yelling for the doctor told me that this was REALLY NOT GOOD. A whole roomful of folks showed up in seconds and my OB/GYN told me that the baby was putting too much pressure on my vena cava artery and that I was not getting blood and oxygen to my brain. REALLY REALLY NOT GOOD. So, suddenly forceps appeared outta nowhere, the good doctor told me to wait to push b/c he was going to use the forceps to ease the baby out, but before any of that could take place, I had a h-u-g-e contraction and despite having next to no breath or strength left, I pushed as hard I could and thank the stars above... Lil Man finally popped out and no forceps were used... and as best as I can tell... I suffered no brain damage from being oxygen and blood deprived. Or as my smart ass Hubby put it: "You're not more retarded now than you were before, sweetie." He is so not getting any... EVER AGAIN.
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