Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Winter arrives in Ohio... finally!... & a pregnancy update and a New Blogger update

Well, as you can see, snow and freezing temperatures have finally arrived in N.E. Ohio. Of course, the arrival is about 2 months later than usual, but if you were to ask the Bush admin, they'd pull their usual crap of forcing scientists to change their data and/or outright lie to suit their delusional BushCo global warming denials and claim that this is all somehow "normal" for snow and freezing temps to be delayed until the end of January in my area. I have lived in OH my entire life. Trust me when I say this: Normal it ain't. I fear that my kids will never get the opportunity to make snow angels and snowmen. If I wanted that to be the case, I'd live in a southern state. We happen to like the snow and cold, as well as the beauty and joy of experiencing 4 very distinct seasons every yr, yet we fear all of that may disappear, whether Capt Clueless and his evil band of minions want to acknowledge it or not. Fortunately, the rest of the world w/ a pulse and brain has the sense to acknowledge it.
Onto to updates: Sure, I should probably be discussing the Libby trial, Bush's unspeakable threats against Iran, Cheney's batshit insane interview w/Wolf Blitzer or any other disasterous event our nation is facing, but in all honesty, I've been waaaay too busy avoiding switching my blog to New Blogger. I can no longer avoid it... I was told when I logged in that I have to switch over after this post... Wish me luck folks...... UPDATE: I tried to switch my blog over to New Blogger, only to receive this email from Blogger Support: "Thanks for your interest in the new version of Blogger. An error has occurred that has prevented us from switching your account at this time. Our engineers have been notified of the issue, and your blogs and Blogger account should not be affected. Please try switching again later via the promo in your dashboard, and please remember your Google Account information as you will need it to switch to the new version of Blogger. For now, you can still log in to old Blogger using your original Blogger account. Thanks for your patience, The Blogger team " Ya know what? What a complete crock! As Kvatch said at his place: Old Blogger is like Classic Coke... better than New Coke and New Blogger. Damned technology is the devil, I tell ya. Anyhoo... I've also been waaay pre-occupied w/several medical issues and my all consuming and oftentimes irrational pregnancy "nesting." Medical issue #1: Despite my wide "birthing" hips that could easily pass a baby dinosuar or an entire brood of kids, my OB/GYN has determined that I happen to be one of those unfortunate women who are unable to regulate their blood pressure during pregnancy. It continually skyrockets up and plummets, making me constantly at risk for dizziness, stroke, early labor and feeling like complete crap. Conclusion? This will most certainly be our last child. I've given it 2 valiant tries, and twice my pregnancies have been risky. I know when to count my blessings and call it quits, and so does Hubby. He has very willingly volunteered to get a vasectomy. He found this site, which shows pix of a guy's vasectomy, so while we both doubt it could ever possibily compare to 2 risky pregnancies, labors and deliveries, I do sympathize w/him. A needle and scalpel in the "biscuits" won't be fun. Medical issue #2: After a HUGE jump in my weight (over 10 pounds in less than 2 wks), guzzling water NONSTOP and feeling extremely dizzy and sick after eating, my OB/GYN retested my glucose, and I have now developed gestational diabetes. The reason for the jump in my weight? My inability to stabilize and manage my blood sugar level is causing the baby and I to gain weight fast. So, in order to prevent me from becoming insulin dependant and the baby from becoming macrosomic, I have to test my glucose levels with a monitor and I am on a strict diabetic diet for the remaining time of my pregnancy and for at least 6 wks after delivery. Medical issue #3... but this one was a false alarm and completely unglamourous: I stood up from reading a story to BabyGirl, and felt a HUGE gush of wetness. I thought: "OMG! My water broke!" I ran to the bathroom, and of course I had to pee (at this point, I swear I could pee every 45 mins) but I kept "leaking" out wetness for several hrs. Panicked, I called my OB/GYN, and they asked me to smell the wetness in my undies. Yeah... I know, but amniotic fluid is supposed to smell "sweet and clean" and pee... well, pee smells like pee. But all I could smell was laundry soap and fabric softener, so who the hell could tell the difference? I was told to get to the hospital asap and they would do a test b/c if my water had in fact broken, the baby was too early to not have serious complications and infection could set in quick. After many hrs of panicking and praying that my water had not broken, the conclusion that was reached?: I peed my pants. Yep. An ultrasound in the maternity triage showed that the baby's head was laying directly on my bladder and caused the sudden gush and continual uncontrolled leaking. Great. I'm sure my insurance will just LOVE to pay for this visit. I can see the billing now: $1500 for peeing of pants. Payment DENIED. Now onto to some happy news: This past weekend, after putting BabyGirl to bed, Hubby and I settled in while the snow fell to watch a wonderful lil movie that we had never even heard of, yet we highly recommend you see: The Prize Winner from Defiance, Ohio. Based on a true story, it stars Julianne Moore as a 1950's housewife and mother who enters contest after contest to better her family's poverty stricken life, and Woody Harrelson as her despicable drunken husband whom you will hate and pity all in one. It was wonderfully sad and charming. We give 2 thumbs up. After the movie, we fell asleep in our bedroom watching Comedy Central. We woke up around 5am to BabyGirl crawling into bed w/us (believe me, as I get bigger and bigger, bedspace is at a premium) and I hear her say this to my Hubby: "Daddy, what are those girls doing?" Hubby, rubbing his eyes and squinting, realizes to his utter horror that a Girls Gone Wild infomercial is on, and yes, you can easily imagine how quickly he is searching for the remote to change this. Without missing a beat, Hubby nonchalantly says while changing the channel and pulling her close to him: "Oh sweetie, those girls are killing their poor daddies, b/c only girls who want to make their daddies die of a horrible heart attack and shame would ever act like that."..... Oh my.
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