Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saddam Hussein hanged. Wonder if his good old buddy Rumsfeld shed a tear?

Oh the hypocrisy! I simply don't even know where to start... but I'll take a stab at it. Friday's ghoulish "Saddam death watch" was almost comical if you happened to be watching the right channel. Sure, Saddam was a brutal dictator and all around asshat, but on Fox News, I swear I saw Hannity shudder in orgasmic joy while jawing like a moron that executing Saddam would be THE thing to turn the war around for the US (... delusional much??) and while it was refreshing to see Greta not covering yet another missing white girl, she did take a serious beating from one of Saddam's lawyers who aptly pointed out these inconvenient facts: Saddam was executed for killing 148 people who were involved in an assasination attempt against Saddam in Dujail (and by the way, many of the so-called Dujail victims were found to be very much alive, but what do ya expect in a kangaroo court?) and prosecutors had information about another 5,000 Kurds killed. But now that Saddam is dead (probably done with great haste so that it will never be revealed how complicit Prez's Reagan and especially Bush I were in helping Saddam kill 1000s of people, by the way) what kind of trial can really take place in regards to the Kurds? And our US invasion has cost the lives of 600,000+ people that otherwise would not have died in the incredibly short time span of nearly 4 yrs. Kinda makes Saddam's number of 300,000 killed over his entire reign pale in comparison, no? Hmm... this makes me ask: So when exactly will Bush's trial for crimes against humanity begin? And who benefits the most from Saddam's execution? Well, I'm not a betting woman, but if I were, I'd listen to a real Iraqi and bet my money on Iran. Iran stands to win BIG... and all of Iraq (except for the wingnut factions that love this carnage and civil war) stands to lose BIG. And we Americans get to live with the knowledge that we not only paid for the destruction of Iraq and the lives of the Iraqi people, but that our own soldiers lost their lives and limbs to crown the Iranian mullahs the new leaders of Iraq. Congratulations BushCo! And you were able to execute Saddam, too? Bravo! You killed a guy who had absolutely nothing to do w/ Sept 11th & was Rummy's best buddy during the Ray-Gun & Bush yrs... soooo, uh... when do get around to finding and bringing to justice Osama and/or the REAL folks who attacked us on 9/11? Oops... there I go again w/those inconvenient facts. But if you were to ask BushCo Homeland Security twit Frances Townsend, she'd vomit out this inexplicable spew: "Capturing bin Laden is a success that just hasn't happened yet." Yeah. You read that right... sigh...
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