Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Due to an emergency hospital visit, and the explicit directions of my OB/GYN, I am being made to spend as much time as possible off of my feet, and instead into comfy pieces of furniture. I figure I can catch up on some reading that I've been meaning to get to... which of course will lead to some much needed napping. Baby to Be is A-okay, according to the ultrasound and fetal heart monitor, but Mommy needs to slow down, stop physically picking up her 4 yr old, and make sure that no more unexplained bleeding happens. So, I wish you all a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving.... I'll be back soon. Trust me, I was put on complete bedrest at the end of my pregnancy w/BabyGirl, it sucks beyond belief, so I am going to do as my doc says to avoid that from happening again.
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