Monday, November 13, 2006

Is this a veiled Lieberman threat to defect? A pissed off rant... & count the colorful words!

Sweet Jesus, this egomaniacal gasbag makes me positively ill: On NBC's "Meet The Press" this past Sunday, Joe Lieberman said that although he intends to caucus w/ Dems, he would remain an independent and would not rule out becoming a Repub if he felt uncomfortable w/ Dem Party discipline and if the GOP credited him w/ his seniority and a committee chairmanship. "I'm not ruling it out, but I hope I don't get to that point. And I must say, and with all respect to the Repubs who supported me in Conn, nobody ever said we're doing this b/c we want you to switch over," said Lieberman. So lemme get this straight: If the Dems do not cater to the self-bloated and histrionic Joe-Judas' every whim, he will screw us Dems over and defect to the GOP: leaving our newly elected Dem majority as tied w/ a 50-50 Senate, allowing The Big Dick Cheney to break the tie by casting the deciding 51st vote? Call me crazy, but hasn't this self-absorbed vainglorious handjob already proven to us Dems that he has zero intention of respecting his party affiliation given that he refused to accept the Dem primary results in which he was soundly beaten and LOST? Once again, Joe-Judas proves that every political decision he makes is based upon "How will this benefit me?" Any CT Dems who cast their vote for this pompous party- of- one- prick needs their heads examined. He already proved that every decison was all about him when he ran for both VP and Senator in 2000. And if slipping Bush the tongue during The Kiss wasn't evidence of his Benedict Arnold ways, what more proof did anyone need? I hope that both the Dem majorities hold this over his lobbyist wife's head when she comes sniffing around for favors. Maybe if she is shunned enough, Joe-Judas will realize that being a mercenary colostomy bag simply isn't nice nor appreciated... especially when the GOP will just gobble him up, use him until they don't need him anymore, and toss him aside like the garbage he is. Nobody likes nor trusts a traitor, but Joe-Judas is too besotted w/ himself and too in love w/ the power of being a senator to see the harsh truth let alone to do the honorable thing. But honestly, when was the last time a self-serving soul-less orotund whore did the right thing?
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