Friday, November 10, 2006

Bush fakes his cozying up to Dems while trying to squeak in Bolton & Gates confirmations

Watch this MSNBC spew about Bush & the GOP's "love" for extending an olive branch to the Dems (although the best part of the clip is Cliff Schecter's fabulous delivery of bitchslaps). Really? They could have cared less about working w/us Dems at all for the past 6 yrs, (despite what crapola Tony SnowJob spews) now did they? In fact, if a Dem dared to disagree w/them and/or Dear Leader on any issue, the Dem's patriotism was immediately called into question. Was Bush extending an olive branch by saying that if the Dems won, it would be a win for the terrorists? Is Bush truly extending an olive branch by already taking nasty little swipes at Nancy Pelosi's integrity and by trying to ram thru Robert Gates and John Bolton's previously refused confirmation before the Dems take over? Of course not, but given that defeated liberal GOPer-- but is now considering becoming a Dem-- Lincoln Chafee announced that he will still continue blocking Bolton's confirmation, so the nomination is effectively dead. I love how Bush and his minions whip it out and blatantly piss in the punchbowl at a party and then try to claim that it has such a strong odor and yellow color due to Democratic lemons. And speaking of sour and sore losers who cannot accept reality, get this: Fox News announces that Hastert will now run for "Minority Speaker" and Boehner will run for Majority Leader.... uhhh... I know Fox News is a complete joke, but do they really have to make things up now? If Boehner actually plans on running for Majority Leader, we can all assume that he has suddenly become a Democrat, huh? And since no position of Minority Speaker even exists, I guess Hastert plans on rewriting the rules of the House?
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