Thursday, November 09, 2006

Another casuality of the Iraq war: Sunni-Shiite marriages are being forced to end in divorce

Hmm... I wonder how the oh-so-pious on family values Religious Fright and Bush feels about their beloved war causing the complete destruction of formerly peaceful religiously "mixed" marriages in Iraq? (not to mention the HUGE upswing in military marriages.) Feh... I'm sure they could care less. And this issue does affect me personally b/c I am the product of a "mixed" marriage (my dad is Catholic, my mom Romanian Orthodox) and my own marriage is a "mixed" marriage (I am Catholic, my husband is Protestant.) Neither one of my parents converted to the other's religion, nor did Hubby and I. Instead, we took my parents' wise advice: "If mutual love, friendship and respect can't keep you together, religion sure as hell won't do it, either." My parents have been married for 42 yrs... they know better than most. What a shame it is that under Saddam's rule, mixed marriages were the norm-- not the exception-- and that Iraqi Christians, secular citizens, Sunnis, Shiites, and yes... even Iraqi Jews enjoyed far more religious freedoms under Saddam than they could ever dream of doing now. Don't beleive me? Well, according to this beloved wingnut site, Saddam only courted Sunni Arabs AFTER the 1st Gulf War b/c he needed support from neighboring Sunni nations. Atta boy, Bush. Go to see that Junior is continuing Papa Bush's tradition of fucking up Iraq's nation, huh? And for an eerily "prophetic" 2003 interview w/an Iraqi Christian priest about religious tolerance in Iraq-- pre and post invasion-- read this.
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