Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Worthy of a toast: Ohio is a Dem sweep & Dems take control of House, gain seats in Senate

Halle-fucking-lujah! The Dems took over crucial seats in my state of Ohio, the Dems won control of the House... drumroll for Madame Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, South Dakota rejected the batshit-crazy wingnut abortion ban (aka the Rapists Procreation Law), Dems win the majority of governors' offices, Santorum (get a load of this pix!) and Katherine Harris lost-- it could have been made perfect if Mean Jean the Wrinkled Prune had lost, the Repukes sadly did beat Harold Ford, Jr, probably due to plenty of their racist bullshit... but the great news is that Mass has a brand spanking new black Dem governor, and the Dems gained 4 Senate seats (needing only 6 to control the Senate) and the remaining 2 states (Montana & Virginia appear to be lead by the Dems).... so... the collective feeling is that the Dems will take control of the Senate, too. Bush, take that political capital and stuff it up your Decider ass at your press conference, where supposedly you will try to suck up & ask the Dems to play nice w/you after you told voters that a win for the Dems was a win for the terrorists. Piss off: I have visions of subpoenas dancing in my head. Crack open some bubbly, raise the glass high and say "Salute!"
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