Sunday, November 05, 2006

Rev Ted Haggard fired from his church

Via AMERICAblog: "CNN just reported, the Colorado Springs, CO New Life Church fired Haggard and issued a blistering statement, finding him guilty of "sexually immoral conduct." And as CNN notes, as pres of the Natl Assoc of Evangelicals, he represented 30 million evangelicals. That's 1 in 10 Americans. And as CNN just asked, isn't he going to be arrested? He admitted to buying illegal drugs. What does wingnut Rep Marilyn Musgrave (R-CO) think about all of this, since she was posturing on the crystal meth issue just this past summer - so where is she on it now?" Why isn't she demanding Haggard's arrest? Well, when a guy has extensive ties to the Bush White House as deep as Haggard has, ya have to wonder if that is why Musgrave finally decides to keep her pie-hole shut on an issue. And as personally repellant as I find this Religious Frighter's hypocrisy, this simply takes the cake as far as selfish and unforgivable behavior: Ya know that interview he gave Friday from inside his car w/his wife sitting next to him where he admitted to getting a massage from the gay hooker and buying crystal meth? Get this: This asshole's kids were sitting in the back seat the entire time. The reporter asked him if he would step out so they could talk privately, but Mr Piety refused to exit the car. Atta boy Haggard. Next to Santorum making his kids play w/the fetus of their dead brother, I can't think of a more horrific act by a Repuke dad.
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