Friday, November 03, 2006

Abuse prisoners at Abu Ghraib, serve your sentence, and get sent back to Iraq!

Winning hearts & minds... again: Whether or not you know it, you've probably seen military cop Sgt. Santos Cardona. Where, you ask? In pix of Cardona using a dog to threaten Iraqis. He was convicted in May of dereliction of duty and aggravated assault for his actions at Abu Ghraib, the equivalent of a felony in the US civilian justice system, and having now served his sentence, Cordona has just been sent back to serve in Iraq. To make matters worse, his 23rd MP Co. has been selected to train Iraqi police, which have been the target of frequent assassination attempts and, according to US intelligence are heavily infiltrated by insurgents. Given that Cordona appears in at least 1 al-Qaeda propaganda video depicting the abuse, he may now be a marked man and could put his own MP company in danger. I wonder what Bush genius OK'd this?
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