Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Cheney the NeoConMonster says his screeching harpy Lynne put the "slapdown" on Wolf Blitzer

No, this is not a Halloween trick. It is for real. Cheney, the real animated Neo-Con corpse proudly told Fox News that his screeching harpy wife Lynne put the "slap down" on Wolf Blitzer during her Friday CNN interview. Funny... but if her 15 mins of mysterious amnesia and lies in regards to writing a novel about lesbian sex, prostitution, and rapes constitutes a slap down then so be it, but why are so many wingnuts like Rush Limpballs and Hugh Hewitt rushing to her defense and attacking Wolf by claiming THAT THIS NEW BAD MAN "sandbagged" her? Excuse me? She comes out w/full fangs bared to attack Jim Webb's novels-- based upon his own experiences in Vietnam and elsewhere as a military man-- and she dares to think her own lesbian love novel is off limits? I guess such blatant hypocrisy explains why she inexplicably attacked John Kerry but not GOPer Alan Keyes, who called Mary Cheney a "selfish hedonist" for being gay, when Kerry dared to mention Mary's sexuality. Lynne claims Kerry "outed" her already openly gay daughter, who was for many yrs the gay/lesbian liaison for the Coors Brewing Corp, who was openly wooing gay voters for her dad's campaign, and who beepopped around DC w/her lesbian partner. How do you out the outed? Anyhoo... now under attack, Wolf defends his position by not only fact checking the obvious sexual content of her 25 yr old novel, but he also says that this: "I just want to correct the record. We did not sandbag Mrs. Cheney, she knew full well that we would be asking her serious political questions in addition to those questions that we asked her about her new children's book that was reaffirmed with her staff only hrs before the interview. In fact, every time she has come to do an interview w/ me in recent yrs about children's books, she always agrees to answer serious questions, and she did as well this time." Now I'm no defender of Blitzer. In fact, I pretty much feel like this person does in regards to his career: Wolf has pretty much spent the last 6 yrs being a professional GOP fluffer, so what should he expect when they bend him over and treat him like a $2 whore on the air? But c'mon CheneyMonster. Your wife, like you, is a big fat lying waste of inhuman flesh. The 2 of you wouldn't know the truth if you tripped over it, landed on top it, and it bit you on your smelly asses. But what should we expect? This screeching harpy's husband wants to strap people to a board and "simulate" drowning them until they faint, go into cardiac-arrest or organ failure, then revive them and repeat the process until they scream out something, anything to make the torture stop. Sorry... but Neo-Con creatures like that are coming up pretty short in the morals and honesty dept, so of course she lied on CNN about her blatantly sexual novel and then tries to play the poor lil Repuke victim who was attacked.
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