Tuesday, October 24, 2006

F is for fearmongering, and for the grade the GOP has earned in leadership

Keith Olbermann gave another one of his fabulous special comments. He knocked this one outta the park (as usual) and nailed it about the Repukes and their use of the "fear card" as a form of terrorism on the American people, which it is absolutely. But let's face some facts here: The entire ideology of the Republican Party is based upon fear. If you are a Repuke, you simply embrace and coddle fear. They are afraid of homosexuality b/c it somehow threatens their own obvious insecure sexual orientation. They are afraid of other races and religions, and even go as so far to completely make up imaginary persecution by other races and religions. They are afraid of equality for women, of the empowerment of women over their educational, employment, and reproductive futures, and... dare I even say it?... *GASP* of women freely choosing to have sex AND not be left pregnant afterwards. They are afraid of people actually earning a living wage that would allow them to feed and clothe their children, buy a bit of consumer goods, and raise their families with some semblance of dignity and equality. They are afraid of granting the simple basic human right of health care for all, which would protect us all from medical catastrophes b/c it is NOT a case of IF you get sick, it is a case of WHEN you get sick, yet they somehow claim that we all must pay for national security, military might, and fire and police protection "just in case some catastrophe strikes." They are afraid of peace, prosperity, and true unity b/c those things weaken their American Dream of hatred, bigotry, wealth for a few on the backs of the impoverished many, and imperialistic bloodlust. Of course they dust off Osama and parade around his sorry-ass just in time for Election Day. It is all they have. They have ABSOLUTELY no accomplishments besides coronating King George without the actual coronation ceremony. They have not protected our borders and ports b/c they want cheap labor to be exploited. They have bankrupted our children's children's futures by making sure that every newborn baby automatically inherits $30K of debt that they did not even get to enjoy earning. They call our demands for universal healthcare "dirty socialism" yet they applauded the Iraqis when they wrote universal healthcare into their Iraqi constitution. They have made our active duty troops demand to come home from this clusterfuck war that has no chance of ever resulting in any semblance of a victory. They go on wild witchhunts to "route out" moral failings of others, yet turn a willing blind eye to their own blatant moral failings. I am tired of these freaks trying to force me to live in fear. I'm tired of these freaks trying to force me to question my love for my nation and my patriotism b/c I dare to question my govt and the failing leadership that is driving my nation over a cliff at a 100mph. I'm tired of them proclaiming to be the one and only "true" Christians, yet they do, say, and act in ways that are 100% absolutely NOT reflected in the words and teachings of Jesus Christ. I refuse to listen to their fearmongering vomit anymore. I for one will take the advice of Psalms 23:4 and boldly say: "Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of Death, I will fear no evil."
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