Thursday, October 19, 2006

Blackwell is officially lower than whale shit: Purges 1000s voters off rolls & now accusing Strickland of being gay & covering up pedophilia

Now according to the Cincinnati Enquirer, Ted Strickland holds a substantial lead against Repuke wingnut Blackwell (the news is also equally good for Sherrod Brown vs Mike DeWine). Keep this news in mind. News has surfaced that in addition to trying to toss Strickland off the ballot on a technicality, Blackwell has purged 1000s of Ohio voters from the voter rolls. But why would the man who wrote this very letter which announced that the state of OH was going to be hand delivered to Bush before the counting of the votes even took place do a thing like that? For the same reason that this lower than whale shit scum calls the very married for 18 yrs Rev. Ted Strickland "gay" and tries to insinuate that Strickland "covered-up" for and/or was sexually involved w/ a former aide (who was found guilty of indecent exposure yet the record was expunged) into some kind of pedophilia cover-up (in actuality, the guy was caught streaking in college at Ohio University in Athens, OH, but sure... let's lie and call it pedophilia.) In full disclosure: I went to OU. Drunken or sober streaking was mild and rather common place for the school rated a "Party School" for nearly 2 decades by Playboy Magazine. I hate to break it to you hypocritical morally bankrupt Repukes: 1) You do not have the right to handpick voters off of voter rolls. It's bad enough you repressed as many voters as possible in the 2004 election. And 2) Strickland is NOT gay. He was not buggering his former aide or covering up for a pedophile. No Blackwell, us Dems leave the pedophilia & pedophilic cover-ups to professionals like you and your repugnant Repukes. Always remember: KY is the personal lubricant of the GOP. It keeps the pages from sticking together.
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