Tuesday, October 17, 2006

How many GOP pedophiles have "Hastert for Congress" signs in their front lawns?

Jesus' General has a priceless pix of a "Hastert for Congress" sign in the front lawn of yet ANOTHER Repuke who is publicly caught messing with kids. The only difference? This time the kiddos are female (via Jesus'General): "Brent K. Schepp, is the Repub candidate for the Kane County, IL Board. Here are his qualifications: "Schepp's devotion to the American family is one of his greatest selling points. That's why the Kane County Republican Committee highlighted it on their candidates page, writing: "He understands the needs of today's families and is qualified to lead Kane County into the future." Well... how deeply he understands the needs of today's families is subject to speculation in light of these facts that Jesus' Gen unveils: "More importantly, Schepp is not a homosexual, and as of Friday, he has the rap sheet of 26 counts against him (14 counts of criminal sexual assault, 10 counts of criminal sexual abuse and 2 counts of unlawful delivery of alcohol to a minor) to prove it." Phew! Since his victims were girls (and I'm sure they'll say the girls were lil sluts and begging for it), the GOP and Religious Fright must be having orgasms of joy and giving each other high fives that at least he had the "good sense" to lust after children of the opposite sex.
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