Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Weldon cries foul over FBI raids. Boo frickety hoo!

FBI agents raided the homes of Rep Curt Weldon's (PA-R) daughter and her business partner, Curt Weldon's longtime friend Charlie Sexton as part of an investigation into whether Rep Weldon helped them secure lucrative lobbying contracts. And who does Rep Weldon say is responsible? No... shockingly NOT Clinton... but of course, it just has to be those damned partisan Dems trying to mess up his election! Umm. Rep Weldon? You are aware that the Justice Dept was alerted about these allegations 2 and a half yrs ago. This is a Justice Dept that's run by the Repubs. Attorney Gen, Alberto Gonzalez and the deputy attorney general are Repukes, and it was THEM who decided to raid the daughter's home /offices and associates 3 wks before an election. This wasn't a decision made by that mythical liberal media or by some other watchdog group. This was a decision made by the Republican-led Justice Dept, so STFU, quit your damn whining and buy your daughter a damn good lawyer.
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