Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Ohio Sec of St Blackwell is a nutjob. Invokes NAMBLA & tries to disqualify opponent Ted Strickland from election

"J is for Judas" Kenneth Blackwell, OH's current Sec of State and Repuke candidate for Gov is actually trying to get his oppenent, Democrat Ted Strickland (who is nearly 30 pts ahead of Blackwell in the polls in the race for OH's Gov) taken off the ticket on a technicality... while using his capacity of Sec of State to do so!! Fellow Ohioans swear that it will not happen-- that Strickland will be on the ballot, but given that this is THE very same man who assured Bush & Cheney in 2004 that he would make sure that Ohio went for Bush, how in the hell do we really know what unspeakable shit this freak is capable of? And to make matters even worse, Blackwell is smearing Strickland by claiming that Strickland has the endorsement of NAMBLA... yes THAT NAMBLA... and no, I ain't referring to South Park's North American Marlon Brando Look-alike Association. See Blackwell swarmy's smear and Strickland's fierce response to that smear here. And forget the fact that the North American Man/Boy Love Association doesn't even exist anymore... except of course in the minds of the pedophilic obsessed in the Grand Old Perverts party. I wonder if Mark Foley or any of the other pedophilic Repukes have showed Blackwell the secret handshake?
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