Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Brent Schepp, GOP Pedophile and Hastert supporter, kills self after being indicted

Holy cripes! Speaking of GOP perverts: Remember that GOP Kane County, IL pedophile, Brent Schepp, who was indicted on 26 counts of sexual assault and abuse of 2 young girls, and had the "Denny Hastert for Congress" sign in his yard? Well... according to the Armchair Subversive, the Chicago Tribune is reporting that he killed himself Tuesday by slamming his vehicle into a bridge. I don't know if he was married and had kids (I assume he was since his so-called family values were so heralded by his fellow Repukes) but I can only imagine how awful all of this has been for them. Granted, his selfish and criminal actions completely brought it all upon them, but I can't imagine how awful it is nonetheless.
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