Friday, October 20, 2006

Foley scandal... but let's compare/ contrast former sex scandals: Gerry Studds & Dan Crane

As the Foley scandal gets some fresh scandal breathed into it (1) Trandahl testified, 2) Boehner tossed Hastert under the bus again, and 3) the priest Foley claims molested him 'fesses up and get this: this priest claims he was on pills and drunk, too!), this post is in response to the GOP wingnuts who want to parade out now deceased (since last wk in fact) former Congressman Gerry Studds (D-MA) who had a sex with a 17 yr old male page in the 1970s. Now keep in mind that the info that Studds had sex with this page didn't surface until the page was 27 yrs old, and when it did, the former page publicly stood beside Studds and defended their relationship as consensual (I don't care. 17 yrs old is a kid, so consent gets tossed out the window, but the 27 yr old claimed it was consensual). After it was discovered that Studds did this, he was censured by the House, and remained in office for MA until he retired. Now what Repukes fail to tell you is this: The "other" censure that occurred the same day that Studds was censured by the House: Republican Rep. Dan Crane, who represented a district in southern IL, was also censured for an illicit relationship with a 17yr old female page. Crane had gone so far as to move the high school junior into an apartment in Georgetown. After 8 months, she ended the relationship and told her parents. At the censure hearing, Crane was defended by fellow IL Republican Henry Hyde, who would, 15 yrs later, chair the impeachment hearings against Pres Clinton. According to transcripts, Hyde implored his fellow representatives that Crane had suffered the loss of his reputation and probably his marriage, and that as good Christians, we are all taught to "hate the sin but love the sinner." "My friends," he said, "it’s time we showed Dan Crane some love and allow him to keep his seat in this body." Instead of kicking Crane out, the House voted censure..... throw THAT into the face of any self righteous hypocrite Repukes who try to pull the "But that Democrat Gerry Studds did this" crap. Watch 'em immediately sputter and shut up.
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