Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Israel admits:Phosphorus bombs in Lebanon

Although always denied by the Israelis, last wk the Guardian UK reported that doctors in Gaza had been treating previously unseen injuries from Israeli weapons that cause severe burning, bodies are severely fragmented, melted and disfigured, with no large shrapnel found in the bodies yet deep internal wounds. Tissue samples from patients in Gaza were given to journalists from the Italian television channel RAI (the same Italian channel that uncovered the explosive news that has been proven 100% correct that the US used the illegal weapon white phosphorus (WP) against Iraqi civilians). In a documentary shown 2 wks ago, RAI said the injuries appeared similar to the effects of Dime (Dense Inert Metal Explosive, an experimental weapon the US has developed.) However, the Israeli military denies the use of Dime weapons. Well... call me skeptical, but the US denied using WP, and that denial was proven to be 100% crapola. Not to mention the fact that the US happily supplied God knows what kind of weapons to Israel this July to lay waste to Lebanon and Gaza, including the very denied cluster bombs. Sooo... with all of this mounting evidence, could that be why NOW in the Independent UK, Israel is for the first time admitting using phosphorous bombs during its 34-day war campaign in Lebanon? Did they use 'em in Gaza, too?
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