Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Chicago Voter Database Hacked Into

As if living in Ohio under Sec of State Blackwell who promised to hand deliver Ohio to Bush & Cheney in 04... and DID!... wasn't bad enough, we now have this from ABC News: Bob Wilson, an official w/ the Illinois Ballot Integrity Project (which bills itself as a not-for-profit civic organization dedicated to the correction of election system deficiencies, and whose motto is "Paper not Vapor") tells ABC News that last wk his org hacked the database, which contains detailed information about 100s of 1000s of Chicago voters, including their Social Sec numbers, and dates of birth. "It was a serious identity theft problem, but also a problem that could potentially create problems w/ the election," Wilson said. A nefarious hacker could have changed every voter's status from active to inactive, which would have prevented 1000s of them from voting, he said. "Or we could've changed the information on what precinct you were in or what polling place you were supposed to go to. So there were ways that we could potentially change the entire online data base and disenfranchise voters throughout the entire city of Chicago. If we'd wanted to, we could've wiped the entire database out," Wilson claimed. No wonder 1 of ABC's most emailed headlines for Monday was "Electronic Voting Machines Could Skew Elections." Oh yeah... I feel soo much better about E-voting.
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