Friday, October 27, 2006

Liars & Lunatics in Ohio: Chabot and Schmidt

And speaking of ridiculous political ads and lunacy, please... come visit the insane asylum in Ohio: Watch this shameful ad from Rep Steve Chabot (R-OH) and the NRCC. The ad actually attacks Dem House candidate John Cranley for......... being in favor of tasering kids! Notice the sweet little pigtailed white girl they use in this despicable ad... gosh darnit... we gotta scare those crazy rednecks and hillbillies with those Dems wanna get your kids w/ a taser! And since we're discussing lunatics, could someone please award Jean the Wrinkled Prune Schmidt (beware: please do not have food/ drink in your mouth, and for the love of God... think of the children, and cover their eyes before clicking on this) the Congressional Dumbest DumbAss award? It is bad enough she brags about a supposed degree she claims to have recieved, yet never did, it is bad enough she blatantly lies and plagiarizes and dares to call herself a "hottie" (dear God... writing that made me throw up a bit in my mouth), it is bad enough that she insulted decorated Vietnam Marine vet Rep John Murtha and then had Rachel Dratch make fun of her on Saturday Night Live, but now this stupid c**t doesn't even know what the House Rules are. Maybe when that house fell on her it truly did leave her brain damaged?
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