Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Yet 2 more GOP scandals: Rep Rick Renzi (R-AZ) & Rep Jim Gibbons (R-NV)... and shockingly, NO preyed upon children were involved!

Holy Mother on a moped!... do the Republican scandals EVER end? On the very day that Denny "I do not recall that" Hastert lied under oath... err... "testified under oath" about the Foley scandal, comes news of even more GOP scandals. Of course poor Hastert can't recall a thing. His mind must be clogged by copious amounts of sausage gravy or sweet and sour sauce (yet I bet if we were to ask him when was the last time he ate really great surf & turf or a fudge brownie sundae, he could provide a detailed account of the menu plus a map to the restaurant that would rival MapQuest). This comes via Talking Pts Memo: "Hmmm. Not looking too good for Rep Rick Renzi (R-AZ). Just a short while ago we alerted you to the AP story breaking the news that Renzi is the subject of a federal investigation centering on a shady land deal. And a short time after the AP story broke, TPMmuckraker followed up with more details about the transaction, the subsequent investigation and info about a NYTs piece... except get this!: "The NYTs investigative piece by David Johnston appears to be about an entirely separate bad act. This one is about an investigation into a piece of legislation Renzi introduced to help a telecom company that happens to employ Renzi's father." And now onto a bizarre pattern of behavior that seems to be exclusively repeated within Repuke circles: The first clue that a repub is secretly engaging in a nasty habit is his or her attempt to implement harsh legislation against that exact same behavior. Secretly prey upon teenage boys? Then, like Mark Foley, you can chair the Committee for Missing and Exploited Children and push for legislation that would put a sleazy pedophile like yourself away for yrs! Have a thing for hiring illegal immigrants and yet incessantly spew on the campaign trail that you will put a stop to illegals taking hardworking American's jobs? Then you might just be NV's Repuke Rep Jim Gibbons! (via AMERICAblog): Rep Jim Gibbons (R-NV), the guy who was accused last wk of attacking a young woman in a parking lot, has been exposed as the former employer of an illegal immigrant from Peru. The very anti-immigration Gibbons had Patricia Pastor Sandoval working for him for yrs as a cook, maid and babysitter, and even hid her in the basement to avoid detection. And yes, Ms Sandoval has plenty of photos w/ the Gibbons and their kids to back up her claims, but even more damning than those pix are federal legal documents from 1988, signed by Gibbons' wife Dawn, that state that everyone knew that Patricia,was undocumented and that she'd worked for the family since 1987, cooking, cleaning and babysitting, and even had an employment contract for $800/month, working 10 hrs per day, 5 days per wk (that ends up being about $4.00 per hr, in case anyone wonders.) Watch the YouTube of the local 5pm news story in NV from Las Vegas. The local news devoted 8 full mins to this story... 8 mins on the local news!.. ya know it can be damaging.
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