Friday, October 27, 2006

Let's get rrr-ready to rrr-rumble... and piss our pants in laughter: Santorum wrestles

OMG... if you are in need of a serious laugh, please do yourself a favor and watch the single most ridiculous political ad ever: Rick Santorum in a wrestling ring.... I kid you not. Funny, but a guy who says that gay marriage will lead to "man on dog sex" doesn't feel odd being in a ring with scantily clad, sweaty, muscular men in skin tight pants that want to wrestle him? Add to the ridiculousness that The Fetus Fondler actually tries to paint himself out to be some kind of "maverick" Repuke by mentioning Barbara Boxer, Hillary Clinton, and yes, even GOP ass kisser Joe Lieberman (oh yes... he actually goes there. He mentions "I kissed Bush with plenty of tongue" Lieberman in an attempt to gain some kind of so-called liberal cred... sweet Jesus.) Personally, I'd pay Jack Black damn good money if he'd dress up like Nacho Libre and open up a can of wrestling whoop-ass on Little Ricky... but that's just me.
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