Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Al-Zawahri still alive. US blames Pakistan for bombing school & did Saddam agree to all US demands before '03 invasion but BushCo said no?

Here's how to make more friends in the Muslim world: Bomb an Islamic religious school, kill 80 people, lie about it & then blame 1 of your few allies-- the Pakistanis. Hmm... call me a skeptic, but if al-Zawahri had actually been killed, do you think the US would still claim that this bombing was all Pakistan's idea? Yeah... me neither. I wonder if the Repukes will try to blame Clinton for letting this al-Qaeda guy go, too? Probably, but nevermind. Clinton's bombing of an aspirin factory is still "worse" in BushWorld than taking out a religious school when the US is engaged in a war and occupation of a Muslim nation. A Muslim nation, by the way, whose leader accepted Bush's ultimatum before the '03 invasion, according to Saddam's former advisor, Hossam Shaltout, who is a Canadian aerospace engineer, former American pilot, and founder of the peace organization Rights & Freedom Internatl.
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