Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Ohio: Absentee voting fuckups just may toss out 1000s of ballots... like mine

This pix is of a letter that was included in my absentee ballot packet that arrived last wk. Hubby and I both requested an absentee ballot from our board of elections, they approved our request (we followed the EXACT instructions they gave us over the phone) and then upon recieving the ballots, we filled them out (per the instructions included in the ballot packet) signed them, photocopied each ballot so we had paper proof of our vote, sealed them, weighed them at the post office to make sure that they fell under the 2 ounce weight (They did. In fact each ballot weighed 1.9oz, which means they needed NO more than .78 cents of postage.) We attached two .39 cent stamps on each envelope and then mailed them in, just as the red underlined section of the letter above directed. The problem? Well, according to this from the Akron Beacon Jrnl, the ballots were supposed to require .87 cents postage... not the .63 cents we were told in that Board of Elections letter, and now 1000s upon 1000s of absentee ballots may get tossed b/c the post office says they will not send them back to the voter OR foward them on to the board of elections to be counted. Since when do ballots get to be stuck in post office limbo? Sounds like voter suppression or a poll tax, no? Add to all of this, THESE new clusterfucks: Ohio's 88 counties are applying the new Voter ID law unequally by having different ID requirements, which may in fact render 1000s of ballots ineligible, and Voter ID rules change a 3rd time in 4 days. I fully agree w/ Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman: These fuckups are no accident. they are all part of a calculated 2006 election plan of chaos that has become the trademark of a Karl Rove election theft, and that could help keep the Congress in Republican hands nationwide. How else do you explain Dem voters in FL, who are casting votes for Dems-- before their very own eyes-- have their "D" votes flipped over to the "R" candidate? Funny, but we just never hear of any "R" votes getting flipped over to the "D" column, now do we? Wouldn't random error make the odds 50- 50? It simply defies the odds of probability, doesn't it? Guess that explains Rove's "THE math", huh? SheaNC posted last Fri about 10 states already reporting severe early voting problems. Karena posted last Thurs about the plight of a TX voter who watched her "D" votes flip to "R" votes before her very eyes. Lou Dobbs covered this news last Thurs: The labs who test and certify e-voting machines are actually hired and paid by the e-voting machine manufacturers themselves. Nothing like letting the fox guard the henhouse, huh? And on Fri, this was covered on Lou Dobbs: FL voters voting for Dems watched their votes be counted for the GOP. I don't think I can endure another stolen election. I'm serious. After campaigning my ass off for Kerry, devoting plenty of hrs to training w/ GOTV, donating several $100s to the Dems plus balancing being a wife and mom to a then 2 yr old, and then only to watch the election be stolen yet again rendered me useless for the entire month of Nov '04. I fell into a depression, and from that sorrow and rage came this blog. What can I do if these cheating fuckers steal it yet again? Retake the Canadian immigration test and plan to sell my home that I adore? I have to do something for the sake of my 4 yr old and my unborn baby... but what? Take to the streets in protest and risk being trampled in the chaos or attacked by the goose-stepping cops w/ tear gas, rubber bullets, night sticks, tasers, dogs and riot gear and possibily miscarry or injure my very wanted unborn child? Look at these pix of CA anti-war protesters who were shot with rubber bullets by police. Just ask blogger Mike Stark of "Calling all Wingnuts" what happens to you when you dare to exercise your Constitutional right to assemble. He is a law student and Marine, and when he dared to ask his very own senator-- Sen Macaca Allen of VA-- about Allen's divorce records... which are under a special judicial seal, (is it b/c of his penchant for dragging women by their hair, as he did to his own sister? Or was it due to his disgusting fondness for spitting on women?... and it appears he likes to spit on all kinds of women) and why have Allen's arrest records from the 70s disappeared, Stark was tackled, put in a chokehold, and had his head banged against a window. I'm sorry... I cannot and will not risk the life of my unborn child. So what can I do?
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