Friday, November 03, 2006

UPDATE: My absentee ballot info

In light of my post on Weds about the Ohio absentee ballot fuckups, I marched into my county Board of Elections on Thursday afternoon... completely ready to rumble. With BabyGirl in tow, and photocopies of our absentee ballots, I patiently waited to speak to someone (since no one had called me back for 2 straight days when I told them I had questions about my ballots). But what took place next was completely pleasant. I was able to see that they did in fact receive our absentee ballots and was told that Weds night, our Ohio Sup Crt appeals crt reached a late night decision that will force the post offices to foward all absentee ballots that have inadequate postage (since we were told in our ballot letters to affix two .39 cent stamps on the envelopes but in many, many counties the ballots required .87 cents of postage). So, at least for once... in Ohio... voting fuckups might NOT screw over too many voters. Now, if we could just do something about those completely useless & hackable Diebold voting machines.
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