Friday, November 03, 2006

World's most dangerous leader to peace: Bush beats out Korea & Iran's leaders in Brit poll

Wow... now THAT is something to be proud of, eh? Beating out Iran's crazy Mahmoud and Korea's nutjob Kim Jong-il as posing more of a danger to world peace is quite the accomplishment for Bush, no? Besides the bloodletting clusterfuck that is Iraq (which the clearly delusional Maj Gen William Caldwell wistfully says is: "A work of art in progress.") maybe the Brits caught wind of the fact that BushCo posted stuff about Iraq's nuclear capabilities on the internet... including a basic guide to building an atom bomb. Hmm... maybe that is why Korea is testing nuclear bombs and why BushCo claims so confidently that Iran has nukes: BushCo handed them the blueprints to build them. Atta boy, Bush. I feel sooooooo much safer w/you as our Dear Leader.
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