Saturday, November 04, 2006

Hypocrisy is just another word for GOP Rightwingers... a long yet informative rant

This whole Rev Ted Haggard thing has me completely fed up w/the unbelievable amounts of Rightwing hypocrisy, so bear w/me. It is bad enough that Haggard 1st claimed that he had never ever even met Mike Jones (the gay hooker who busted him) yet when the voicemails popped up, suddenly Haggard's memory recalls asking Jones to buy him some meth, but that Haggard threw the meth away. Riiight. If that crap were true, why does Haggard say in the voicemail that he wanted to buy "more" crystal meth, when he said he only bought it once and threw it out? And where exactly does the Haggard fantasy of having an orgy w/18 to 22 yr old guys play in all of this? Well... if you were to ask the pious Jerry Falwell (oops, that's right. Falwell suddenly claims he doesn't know Haggard) and James Dobson, the gay sex stuff is ALL that matters b/c apparantly he and his ilk have decided to turn a blind eye to a pastor and pres of the Evangelical Assoc snorting crystal meth. Funny... but I wonder how Dobson & his ilk feel about their good partners at the RNC accepting $1000s of donations from a distributor of gay active- duty military member porn?... especially w/ fabulous titles like "Fire in the Hole"? Oh, I'm sure they'd give it a pass as long as those gay military members had killed a few Muslims for the Crusade. Who knows? Maybe they brush it off like this guy does when it comes to getting a bj from another dude. And my outrage w/the Rightwing hypocrisy goes beyond the eye-popping list at The Armchair Subversive of GOP pedophiles caught red handed preying upon kiddies. It goes beyond Mark Foley preying upon pages and Bill O'Reilly stalking co-workers while his wife is pregnant b/c, honestly, we've seen this GOP/ Religious Fright crapola before: Just think of Jimmy "I heart hookers & porn" Swaggart... yet I preach monogamy and call the Prophet Muhammad a "pervert and sex deviant." Swaggart happily told us in '04 that he'd "murder any gay that looked at him" and then he'd "lie to God if asked if he killed the gay guy." I guess if it were a cheap hooker checking him out, he'd be A-okay w/it, huh? We've seen Jim "Jessica Hahn is just 1 of my many sex buddies" Bakker preach about the joys of monogamy w/Tammy Faye, and then after the Hahn thing broke, we watched him go to jail for fraud, but it was all somehow somebody else's fault-- not his, despite the fact that he had 47 separate bank accts in his name. Frankly, the obvious "sins" of the Religious Fright goes beyond their sex scandals. It begins w/their claims that they "have God on their side" and that they are "pro-life," yet they are nothing more than a bunch of greedy, power-hungry, war-happy, self serving bigots who are as mean and cruel as possible to people so they can feel some sense of superiority. They also claim to be "pro-life," yet they think nothing of happily applauding the bloodletting in Iraq that has killed/ maimed 1000s upon 1000s and the destruction of the planet earth-- the very thing that sustains ALL forms of life-- and refuse to fund desperately needed social programs that the poor and parents need for their children. Guess they missed all of the 2000 verses referencing the poor in the Bible, huh? They are not pro-life, they are merely pro-fetus. Once the baby is born, they could care less if the kid has food, clothing, shelter, medical care, public education, or a living wage for it's caregiver. The don't want babies to be born b/c they have some honest love of life. They just want females to pay some consequence for daring to have sex. If that wasn't the problem, why would they try to stuff that junk science of abstinence- only educ down our throats and attack all methods of birth control and emergency contraceptives? Just take a gander at this chart of teen births per every 1000 girls ages 15-19 yrs by state. Are you noticing a big, bright, rash of RED staring at you in your face? That's right, the states w/the most teen births are smack dab in the South & the Bible Belt. Guess all that fire and brimstone preaching about abstinence and the evils of fornication is falling on deaf ears, huh? And which states have the lowest rates of teen parents? OMG!... it is those damned East Coast liberal states! And dare I even say it? The state 2nd to the last is MA... you know... the very place where gays can marry and destroy hetero families and cause plagues of locusts and whatnot. Which, since we are mentioning homosexuality and pregnancy, could someone-- anyone-- please me show where exactly in the Bible does Jesus condemn homosexuality and abortion? Oh yeah, that's right... it is ZERO. And correct me if I'm wrong, but if homosexuality & abortion were such top priorities, why are they not given top billing in The 10 Commandments? It is not about the "sins," people... it is about the hypocrisy. If you're gonna gay bash and demonize homosexuality, do not be a closeted homosexual or have gays work for you... ahem Sen McCain. If you're gonna claim to be some pillar of family values, do not coddle child predators. If you're gonna condemn pre-marital sex and sex outside of marriage, do not frequent hookers, cheat on your spouse, and engage in group sex. If you're gonna condemn women rights, do not refuse to pay for all of those kids who are gonna pop out as a result. If you're gonna condemn abortion as murder, you cannot okay capital punishment and war. And if you're gonna claim that ONLY YOU can keep our nation safe, do not whore out our ports, leave our borders wide open, let 1000s of guns go missing in Iraq and fire the only guy who can uncover what the hell kind of corruption is going on in Iraq, and let any nutjob see blueprints on how to make a bomb of the nuke variety on your govt website, and then blame... who else?... the NYTs. It is very simple: Stop the hypocrisy and stop cherry picking the Bible to suit your twisted agenda. If not, STFU.
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