Monday, November 06, 2006

A very gay birthday celebration and ... Hmm... what about Ted Haggard's kids?

Yes the oh-so crucial election is merely 2 days away, but damn it, I'm burnt out and I just wanna have some fun. See, Sunday was my gay best friend Bryan's birthday. He had already celebrated w/his family & several of his friends Sat night, so he came to our house Sunday afternoon for an early dinner w/ Hubby, BabyGirl and I, and hot apple- oatmeal crisp w/ vanilla ice cream in place of cake. When Bryan and I get together, it is nonstop cattiness that only a fag and his hag can muster. We gossip & discuss everything under the sun... which lead to us talking about the anticipated Dem sweep across Ohio, the Repukes and their latest rapidly spreading scandal of supressing the Dem vote (which the GOP admitted to doing), and dishing the dirt on Ted Haggard (whom Bryan calls Faggard). A pastor, who by the way, broke down and confessed-- saying he was guilty of "sexual immorality"-- but of course, refused to acknowledge that he is fact, a self loathing gay man leading a life of lies. We discussed how Haggard reminds us of that character in the movie 'American Beauty,' the tough guy who hated and disparaged homosexuals in public, all the while having gay fantasies in private. Who knew this would be a defining characteristic of the GOP psyche: angry, resentful, repressed sexuality & hateful--mostly of themselves, it seems. Keep in mind that Bryan is the 1st person who pointed out to me, very matter of factly in the yr 2000, that he was certain that Bush was gay, and plenty of info has surfaced that may back Bryan's gaydar up. This Haggard discussion lead to us checking out pix of the New Life Church's pastoral staff at a site Bryan had already looked at, b/c he swears (as does Karena, John in DC and Whore Vidal) that the new pastor, Ross Parsley- Haggard's replacement, is gayer than that luxurious bitch Bobby Trendy. I'm not being bitchy here... Bryan was correct. Seriously, take a gander at these pix... SO GAY that they could set off fire alarms! Well, all of this lead to us discussing what will happen to poor Haggard's kids in the middle of all of this. I can't imagine how awful this is for them and how they will cope since it is so public (and even for their obviously willingly blind Stepford Wife mom b/c she refused to see the forest thru the trees). But this brings up a very interesting question for all of the wingnuts out there who have been pushing laws in place that would keep all non-heteros from adopting kids: What will they say now about Haggard continuing to be a father to his 5 kids? Will they now want him to be removed from their lives for his "sexual immorality"? The wingnuts clearly have no problem w/him being a meth head but do damn him for having gay sex, so I imagine they will encourage his kids to despise their own father and become career homophobes for the Religious Fright. It seems to have worked for Karl Rove, no? Personally, I think Haggard's kids need to embrace this organization asap, b/c like it or not, their dad is gay, whether he continues to delusionally lie about it or not, & he will still be what he is b/c it is what he has been since birth. Maybe Haggard needs to take this quiz to face some cold hard facts. I did... and according to it: "Tina is 33% gay! You're a straight laced girlie girl with just a hint of your butch side popping out." Well, true ladies seldom let much pop out, now do they? And yes... the hot apple- oatmeal crisp a la mode I made was FABULOUS. Bryan said so.
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