Thursday, November 09, 2006

Democrats take the Senate, too!!!

Halle-fucking-lujah... the Sequel! While watching Keith Olbermann last night, he announced this breaking news: James Webb wins VA, making the Dems the majority in the Senate! Maybe Macaca Allen didn't want to push the entire recount issue since he was down by over 7000 votes already, but also b/c he may not have wanted to open up that can of worms given that the FBI is already investigating his campaign's illegal voter suppression techniques. But this is encouraging news about our brand spanking new senator from VA, Jim Webb (via Reuters): "But rushing into the Robert Gates as the new Sec of Def confirmation process now caught flak from Democrat James Webb, Navy secretary under Reagan, who was leading Sen George Allen in Tuesday's election results. "I believe that the new Senate should be the body that examines Bob Gates' qualifications for confirmation," Webb said." Maybe this former Repuke/ former Reagan admin Navy Sec knows first hand how shady Gates is and wants to either refresh the older Senators' minds or let the newer Senators in on how shady Gates really is. I hope it is both... b/c I am tired of spineless Dems who act GOP-lite. And in light of our new victory, I suggest we all take a sip of a Donkey. It is way yummy (far yummier than the GOP's Elephant, but I'm not a gin drinker, so there ya have it) and after I wrap up gestating my young in springtime, I do intend on making an icy cold Donkey and toasting our hard earned victory.
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