Thursday, November 09, 2006

Rummy Resigns... but what about his replacement Robert Gates? Iran-Contra & Osama in Afghanistan, anyone?

So Rummy "resigned" Weds. More like given the boot by Papa Bush, who is saving his fuck-up failure of a son's ass yet again... cause ya see... Rummy's replacement is an old Bush Crime Family friend from way back. Rummy looked like he was ready to point and snarl at the camera from the top of his lungs: "You can't fire me! I'll run this war and 2 countries over the damn cliff at 100mph if I want to!! Cheney said I could!" I love how he treated us like mindless children w/the attitude that none us-- save for him-- understood the perils of terrorists and the war on terror. But are we and Iraq really going to be all that happy and satisfied with Rummy's replacement Robert Gates? Probably not. Not only did Gates heavily finance and shape Osama bin Laden in the 80s, Gates also has been busying his hands for the Bush Crime Family for decades now. And anyone who was deeply in Iran-Contra crimes really should be kept from ANY seat of real power... and since Gates was willing to commit crimes for Iran-Contra, God only knows what kind of shit he will pull in Iraq. Just ask Israeli spy Ari Ben-Menashe about how in 1981, Robert Gates helped him with his suitcase containing $56 million... $56 million to keep Ben-Menashe's mouth shut about how in 1980 Ben-Menashe saw George H.W. Bush in Paris meeting with a high Iranian official. And does anyone else wonder-- since Gates took such incredible heat while being confirmed as Bush I's Director of the CIA-- that Papa Bush finally wants to repay Gates for some old favors? And in case anyone was wondering what exactly regular Iraqis think about the Dems winning and Rummy resigning, read this article. Basically, they welcome any change for the better, but Bush will still the Prez who has utterly destroyed their nation, so how many miracles can really happen?
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