Saturday, November 11, 2006

Some GOPers are waking up from collective coma: Christian fascists just aren't NICE

The NYTs Paul Krugman postulates that we may be witnessing the downfall of the conservatives: "We may be seeing the downfall of "movement conservatism" -- the potent alliance of wealthy individuals, corporate interests and the religious right that took shape in the 60s and 70s. This alliance may once have had something to do with ideas, but it has become mainly a corrupt political machine, and America will be a better place if that machine breaks down." Aw shucks... I'm all broken up about that. But are Repukes themselves actually waking up from their collective coma and realizing that some of the problem w/the unholy alliance they have w/ the Religious Fright is not just the massive hypocrisy such as: 1) By super-gluing themselves to politics despite the Bible clearly saying we are to render unto Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's (Matt 22:21) and that Jesus' kingdom is not of this world (John 18:36). 2) By claiming that they have exclusive understanding of the Gospel of Jesus, who said plenty about the hypocritical Pharisees but not 1 SINGLE word about abortion and homosexuality, nor are abortion & homosexuality listed in the 10 Commandments, yet they make abortion, gay bashing & homosexual bigotry the cornerstone of their so-called Christian values, and all the while, 3) They have oodles of gay pastors, politicians and staffers working actively to push the anti-gay agendas, and are now actively seeking a gay "purging" so all homosexuals can be cut out from the GOP... but that also these Religious Fright zealots are in fact Christian fascists? It appears some GOPers fearfully smell the zealotry: "A day after the Dem sweep of the midterm elections, Woodbury County (in Iowa) nRepub Chrmn Steve Salem had harsh words for his own party, lambasting the influence of the conservative Christian right wing. Salem said: "You've heard of IslamaFascists -- I think we now have Christian fascists. What is the definition of a fascist? Not only do they want to beat you, but they want to destroy you in the process." (Well... absolutists are like addicts. They'll destroy you if get between them and their fix.) Salem continued: "If things keep going the way things are going locally and statewide, it is going to be more and more difficult for Repubs to recruit candidates. We have elements of the party who are moral absolutists, who take the approach that if you don't take my position every step of the way, not only will I not support you, but I will destroy you. We have a number of factions w/in the Repub Party who are putting their own personal agenda ahead of what is best for the party." Hmm... could this be why Bush himself is wondering if America thinks that Repukes AREN'T the warriors of patriotism that they claim to be? Could it be that Bush is seeing the writing on the wall that Americans don't like infringements on our civil rights, and resent having our beloved Constitution and Habeas Corpus trampled on? Could this also be why a new survey of evangelicals reveals this: 52% thought Bush was a better Christian than Clinton. About a third, 33% or so, thought they were even, and 13% thought Clinton was a better Christian than Bush. Combined, that means 46% of evangelicals thought Clinton was as good a Christian, or better, than Bush. And oh yeah: They despise Jerry Falwell. Maybe Death-Ray Jesus isn't a hot selling point anymore? Maybe folks are beginning to realize that Jesus, the Prince of Peace, did not advocate greed, war, leaving the poor to die in the streets, using females as birthing cows and hypocrisy. And maybe... just maybe... some GOPers are waking up b/c they just as afraid of having the Christian fascists turn on them as they claim to be afraid of the fascists of the Muslim variety?
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