Sunday, November 19, 2006

The goal for the Religious Fright freaks: Turning females into the Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe

No wonder the Old Woman in the shoe was so freakin miserable: Not only didn't she have any time to herself, she also wasn't able to even properly feed her kids: "There was an old woman, Who lived in a shoe; She had so many children, She didn't know what to do. She gave them some broth,Without any bread; She whipped them all soundly, And sent them to bed." Sound like fun for her or the many kids? Of course not. Now I'm no child-hater. If so, I certainly would not be currently pregnant, the mother of a 4 yr old, and a teacher. But, that being said, the only time I have not used a method of birth control (since becoming sexually active) was during the 2 times that my husband and I were trying to conceive our children. Why? Because while I like kids, I also like being able to pay my mortgage, my car lease, still clothe and feed my household, buy wants in addition to bare necessities, devote time to my kid, have time for myself, my friends online and offline, and for my friendship/ marriage with my husband. But if I were to listen to the Bush admin's newly appointed chief of family-planning programs at the Dept of Health & Human Services, Eric Keroack, and the Religious Fright group known as Quiverfull, I am not doing God's will, nor am I doing anything to contribute to the cause known as "birthing God's mighty warriors." Oh yes. You read that correctly. They are talking about a literal "army" of lil Christians, and you can bet that makes the war mongering GOP happy as clams. In case you're unfamiliar w/Quiverfull, read this frightening Nation article, or visit their even more horrifying sites here and here. The unholy marriage between the GOP and groups like Quiverfull is crystal clear: "If just 8 million American Christian couples began supplying more "arrows for the war" by having 6 children or more, they propose, the Christian-right ranks could rise to 550 million w/in a century" and thru the policies/ agendas put forth by politicians such as Sen Sam Brownback, Rep Lee Terry (R-NB), and former Rep Jim Bob Duggar (R-AK)-- who happens to have a 2001 Quiverfull article devoted to him and who also now has 16 kids, which The Discovery Channel devoted an entire documentary to. Make no mistake, the objective of both QuiverFull and Eric Keroack is to turn women into birthing cows for their version of the Lord... by getting rid of all methods of birth control... even for married couples. Hmm, wasn't that issue dealt w/in the Sup Crt case Griswold vs CT? And doesn't THAT sound like an unwanted outside force trying to undermine & interfere w/marital privacy and the sacred union between husband & wife? Oh that's right... the never married and childless Ann Coulter calls marital privacy a "made up" right. In fact, QuiverFull says that if you have sex w/your husband while using a contraceptive, you are as a good an an unpaid prostitute. Wow. I don't know about you, but over the past 7 yrs of my marriage, I reckon I've been 1 cheap-ass hooker of a wife.... repeatedly... again... and again. And call me crazy... but I would sooner have my eyelashes pulled out 1 by 1 than force BabyGirl to be strapped w/ all of the many adult duties that she would have no choice in if I were to crank out baby after baby. She is a kid for God's sake and should be allowed to be one instead of a an instant mini-parent. Just like this mommy, I feel sorry for the Duggar's older kids b/c the mom proudly announced on the Discovery documentary that as soon as she weans a baby, she passes that kid onto an older sibling as part of their fucked up "buddy system" whereby every older child is a buddy to a younger sibling and is responsible for that sibling. Hmm... maybe that is how her and her wingnut hubby find the time to screw like rabbits and selfishly avoid giving their kids 1 on 1 individual time devoted to each kids' needs and wants. No thanks. I'll continue fostering a healthy marriage where my husband thinks more of me than a cavernous and exhausted uterus, where my kids are allowed to be children (not mini adults) and individuals that receive as much 1 on 1 love, devotion, and attention as Hubby and I can give them... and where I can still make time to lustfully boink my husband just b/c we feel like it... unless, of course, if the GOP & these Religious Fright freaks deem otherwise.
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