Tuesday, December 12, 2006

While Iraq's kids die and cry.... this is what my happy kiddo gets to enjoy: Trying to feel the baby kick in Mommy's belly

Considering what is going on in Iraq (Bush is playing the blame game for his personal clusterfuck and the bloodletting continues for our troops and the Iraqis), I feel almost guilty posting this happy belly shot of BabyGirl trying to feel her sibling kick Mommy's ever increasing belly. The Religious Fright wants to freak out and call Mary Cheney's pregnancy "unconscionable" and think nothing of attacking her fetus, yet not a single peep is heard outta their modern day Pharisee mouths when it comes to this unspeakable and abhorrent war. Now THAT is truly unconscionable. While the children of the Bush Crime family enjoy all that their daddy's blood money can buy, the children of fallen US troops bury their parents, and Iraq's kids die and cry incessantly, and my very safe and happy go lucky kiddo gets to happily await Santa's grand entrance in a few weeks and the arrival of her little sister or brother in the spring. Well... truth be told, the past week has been no walk in the park for BabyGirl: She ran an extremely high temp of almost 104 degrees for 6 days straight before breaking out in a terrible rash all over her body, only to find out that it was just a virus (Roseola) and merely par for the course of normal childhood viruses... but you get my drift. Yucky virus and scary-ass high temperatures aside, all is well in the Fuzzy and Blue household, and yet I have to wonder how many Iraqis despise me and mine b/c of what our criminals in the White House have done. I hate what is done in our names by our govt w/ our hard earned tax dollars... by folks who actually dare to call themselves Christians... and not a single bit of it goes towards making the world a better place. I can't look at my innocent kiddo and wonder what Iraqi mom cries to herself to sleep every night b/c her child lies cold and dead in the ground or what Iraqi mom touches her pregnant belly and fears that her unborn child will be killed shortly after birth or will be born w/ horrific birthdefects from DU exposure. I know this all a little heavy hearted, but spending so much time resting per doctor's orders will make one become very reflective of what exactly is truly important in this world. Now... onto lighter things: Hubby and I have to work on convincing BabyGirl that the fetal kicks are not magically generated in Mommy's hands and that she really will be able to feel the kicks if she puts her hands on my actual belly. And oh yeah, this might make you shake your head: While the obviously obscurant GOP skates by without so much as a slap on the wrist for their part in the blatant Foley coverup, yet ANOTHER evangelical pastor just came slithering out from behind his gay- hatin self loathing rock and finally admitted his closet door is open.
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