Thursday, January 11, 2007

Can we all say it now? Iraq= Miserable Failure

Looking like a broken man wearing pissed in pants, Bush pulled out his old and tired terrorize the American people bag of tricks: "al Qaeda", "terra," "9/11," but he also delivered this unbelievable quote: "Victory will not look like the ones our fathers and grandfathers achieved. There will be no surrender ceremony on the deck of a battleship." Uhhh, yeah. I guess not. Betcha really regret that photo op that Rove hand crafted on the aircraft carrier now, dontcha Dubya? Can you imagine having the gall to use that quote WHILE announcing to the American people that he'll be sending in 21,000 more of our loved ones to this unspeakable debacle after posing under that stupid banner? Anyhoo... Here is what I think are the scariest collection of highlights from Bush's sweaty and scared "deer in the headlights' speech: 1) Patriot missles to allies... b/c we all saw how well supplying all of those weapons to Israel worked for us when Israel laid all of moderate Lebanon to waste this past summer, huh? 2) Destroy networks sending weapons into Iraq from Syria and Iran... b/c we've already done such a bang-up job of stemming the violence between the various "networks" as is aptly displayed by Shiia vs Sunni vs Christian vs secular vs Kurds vs Baathists vs who ever the hell else we've pissed off, mis-identified, and mishandled. 3) New carrier group in region... just in case we need to attack... oh I don't know... IRAN? 4) New Navy guy in charge... just b/c we don't like the facts the old guy in charge kept telling us and/or b/c those facts didn't suite our agenda. 5) Blatant threat of violence to Iran and Syria... b/c Iraq and Afghanistan have been such victories, no? Oh yeah. Mission Accomplished. If mission accomplished means we now get to waste more time, lives, and money in Iraq before we newly begin wasting more time, lives, and money in Iran.... then, uh, sure... the mission is accomplished as Mad King George's credibility continues to circle the bowl, and the insane Neo-Con lies, bloodlettings and delusions continue.
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