Thursday, January 04, 2007

As Pelosi becomes the 1st female Speaker of the House, a tip of the hat to GIRL POWER & I think my Hubby is a genius

Now I'm no great fan of Nancy Pelosi, but as a woman, as a Democrat, as a proud feminist, and as the grand-daughter of Italian immigrants, I can't help but feel pride that Nancy Dallesandro Pelosi will become America's 1st female Speaker of the House. Which brings me to a topic that has been sticking in my craw for awhile now: Why are men threatened by strong women? I've asked Hubby what's the dealio, but since he is married to me (ahem... clearly NOT a milquetoast kind of girl) he may not be the best person to ask. But his response did speak volumes: "Maybe for the same reason so many guys are homo-phobes. They're just too insecure w/themselves to handle it." Excellent point, Hubby. He then added, with a devilish smile: "Not me. I think strong women are sexy. There is nothing sexier than a woman who can hold her own in a fight and the bedroom. Then when you've won, you've really won, and when you've lost, you still get to win... when you make up w/ her later." Ahhh... I see. But hey-- I've won alot of fights over the past 7 years of our marriage-- I guess that really means he has ended up "winning" plenty of those fights, too, huh? Oh well... there are certainly WORSE ways to "lose." Like for instance, I could be married to a religious fundamentalist or live in a nation that blatantly values their farm animals more than their wives/ daughters. This Christian Monitor op/ed hits upon that exact point by asking: "A real test for US allies is how they treat their women." I couldn't agree more b/c fanatical ideology (whether it be Muslim, Christian, African, etc or otherwise) cannot be ignored when we females comprise 50% of the world's population. Unless of course you happen to be living in India, where we clearly do NOT comprise 50% of the pop... which brings me to another point: While watching a repeat of one of Dateline and Chris Hansen's "predator-stings" on MSNBC Weds night, I turned to Hubby and said: "Isn't it kinda weird that so many of these guys that get caught on Dateline trying to hook up w/13 yr old girls are Hindu-Indians?" Hubby, always the caustically dry-witted one, w/o missing a beat (or a handful of that caramel popcorn he was munching on) casually tossed this social grenade out: "Well, maybe since they've happily killed 10 million babygirls over the past 20 yrs in India, these men never get to actually see teen girls in person." Oh, my.
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