Friday, May 04, 2007

Which GOP Presidential Candidates do NOT believe in evolution?

Gee Chris Matthews, why didn't you ask these great GOP minds of the 13th century: "Which one of you believes the Earth is flat?" or "Which one of you believes Jesus rode a dinosaur?" C'mon... We all know that THIS is the ONLY actual Theory of Evolution that they believe in. For the record, the 3 asshat zealots who raised their hands when asked by Matthews were Brownback, Tancredo and Huckabee. Oh what a shock: Mr. "I want all laws based upon the Bible b/c I'm a Dominionist" Brownback (who was converted to Catholicism by uber Opus Dei wingnut and freaky deaky fetus fondler Rick Santorum) doesn't believe in evolution. Again, oh what a shock: Mr. "I'm openly racist against all black and brown people" and hey, while we're at, "we should bomb Mecca" Tancredo doesn't believe in evolution. And gee, what a shock: Mr. "Gay folks can't be foster parents" and "gay folks getting married somehow threatens my decades long marriage" Huckabee doesn't believe in evolution, either. Of course, McCain-- ever the asskissing panderer-- said that he did believe in evolution (a shocking admission given that he sucked up to the Religious Fright by touting intelligent design as a perfectly A-okay and spiffy teaching topic just a mere year and a half ago) but that he couldn't look at a sunset at the Grand Canyon and not see God's hand. Sweet Jesus on a moped... I honestly don't know which part is most blood curdling for me: 1.) The very fact that a question like that was even asked at a debate for the candidates who think they are qualified to be our Commander and Chief. 2.) The fact that 3 presidential candidates actually do NOT believe in evolution. 3.) The scary fact that I'm truly shocked that ONLY three of this vomitous GOP crew raised their hands... or... 4.) After watching these 10 gangrenous douchebags debate about such un-fucking-believable topics as "a winnable nuclear war"... yeah... you read that right... and watching vainglorious backslapping about Congress getting involved in the Schiavo case, former pro-choicers contemplating if Roe vs Wade should be overturned, and supporting employers who fire people for merely being gay, I actually find myself doubting my own belief in evolution... sigh...
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