Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dems Pull Troop Deadline from Iraq Bill

So the Dems rolled over on Iraq deadlines and tossed aside any bit of spine they slowly were growing? As a DNC member, I have one thing to say: Eat me, ya balless excuses for pricks. You'll get another dime from me when you decide to grow a spine. Seriously. I'd rather have Otto running the Congressional show. At least he was able to finagle a bj outta Elaine the stewardess WHILE flying a tanking plane full of screaming passengers. Pathetic Pelosi and Reid apparently couldn't get a handjob at a circlejerk or schedule a gangbang at a whorehouse. They get to dick around, play dress up and pretend to do their "big people job" (that we elected them to do) while this is what is happening to our troops.

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