Sunday, June 10, 2007

Want to lose a few IQ points? Visit the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum

This falls into the "ya have gotta be fucking kidding me department." Now, truth be told, Hubby and I had already discussed visiting this place just for shits and giggles... (especially after we learned that the actor whom the winguts got to play Adam in their sick "science" project has a very... ahem... randy past). So it was with bated breath that I eagerly read how a visit to the Answers in Genesis Creation Museum could pan out. The blogger who dared to visit the joint summed it up this way: "A $27 million monstrosity devoted to religious fanaticism, disguised as “science." Uh... yep. That is about what I expected. But c'mon... it is only a 5 hr drive south of us, so why not piss away an afternoon on such utter shyte? Ya know... studying the enemy. But I have to confess, if we do make the trip, will spending a day with freaks who earnestly believe that The Flintstones and the 70's Saturday morning show "Land of the Lost" were weekly scientific documentaries have any longterm effects on my innocent and impressionable kiddos? Aaaw screw it. Facts and science be damned. Maybe I'll get really lucky and find a hella cute Holly and Chaka T-shirt for BabyGirl and a Sleekstak onesie for Lil Man at the wingnut gift shop. Aaaah... a girl can hope, right?
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