Monday, June 04, 2007

Keith O sums it all up while I already knew I needn't fret over this latest JFK terror plot, so I'll focus on "redshirting" kindergarten options

This is a pix of BabyGirl holding a very sleepy Lil Man aka "The Tiny Wizard" as she calls him when he wears this get-up. Usually she puts a little silver wand with a star on top in his hand and exclaims "abracadabra!" I know... I know... he'll so hate us later... but we'll have pix like this to blackmail him with. And I knew that my gut feeling telling me that this latest "just uncovered by the seat of our oh-so-lucky pants" terror plot equals complete crapola was absolutely correct, and Keith Olbermann succinctly summed up all of my suspicions nice & neat. Keith's recap is especially revealing when you toss in the recent frightening outcry by the head of the Arkansas GOP that what America needs is just some good old fashioned terror attacks on U.S. soil to get us citizens rallying behind Pres McClusterfuck and his utterly failed war. Whoa. Now I don't feel guilty at all for devoting most of my recent concerns to figuring out if Hubby and I should "redshirt" BabyGirl from kindergarten when school starts in late August instead of fretting over yet another "Bush, the Mighty Savior, saved-us again" terror plot. Ya see, BabyGirl turns 5yrs old in late June, and we asked our pediatrician what she thought, and she recommends holding back "summer birthday 5 yr olds" because so much rides on No Child Left Behind testing, and so many other parents hold their kids back even when their 5 olds aren't summer birthdays... which creates an entire group of kids who are one year older and advanced, one year more mature, and one year more physically developed than a just turned 5 yr old. Hubby and I have been mulling this over for at least a year now and we haven't decided what to do... but sending her to Catholic school kindergarten just may be the route we choose. If she doesn't thrive as we think we she should (she is a V-E-R-Y smart cookie, but she is physically smaller than most of her peers and she is often very afraid of unfamiliar situations/ people/ places/ routines, etc which can be perceived as social akwardness) we can always have her repeat much smaller class size Catholic school kindergarten without the heavy stigma that repeating a grade in public school carries with it. We haven't decided yet what to do... and we have to meet with the Catholic school kindergarten teachers in the coming weeks to discuss BabyGirl's options. But I know one thing I won't be doing this summer: Pissing my pants over more Bush fearmongering. Besides, if we have anything to truly fear, it is the GOP who eagerly salivates like a Komodo dragon over the idea of terror attacks wiping plenty of us out for the sake of their evil Empty Headed Emperor.

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